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One-on-one Tutoring

Tutoring Center in Pasadena, ca

Program Overview

Sunbright Education is a tutoring and enrichment center for students in grades K-8, with the goal of motivating students to reach their highest potential. The staff consists entirely of credentialed teachers with years of experience teaching in the classroom. Our instruction is individualized and adaptive to meet the needs of each student, with a focus on developing independent study skills and strong work habits.

We provide private tutoring in the following topics and skill areas, based on the student’s grade level and needs:


Reading Comprehension
• Explicit instruction of reading strategies (using background knowledge, creating mental images, asking questions, making inferences, prediction, etc.)
• Analyzing grade-level literature by identifying key ideas
• Reading and understanding grade-level appropriate material and high frequency words
• Annotating/Close Reading

Reading Fluency
• Practice and application of phonics and word decoding skills
• Reading grade-level text with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension
• Building vocabulary skills

• Writing clear, coherent sentences and paragraphs with a central idea
• Stages of Process Writing
• Exploring genres of writing (opinion, narrative, informational/explanatory)
• Writing conventions (grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling)
• Conventions of English grammar and usage


Addition and Subtraction
• Adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers
• Using addition and subtraction to solve one-step and two-step word problems
• Using symbols to represent and determine the unknown number
• Rounding whole numbers
• Understanding and using place value

Multiplication and Division
• Multiplication skills and strategies (equal groups, repeated addition, number line, and arrays)
• Division skills and strategies (equal groups, repeated subtraction, and arrays)
• Relating division to multiplication
• Using multiplication and division to solve one-step and two-step word problems
• Understanding and using place value
• Multiplying by multi-digit numbers
• Estimating Product
• Solving multi-step word problems using any of the four operations
• Understanding factors, multiples, and patterns in multiplication
• Dividing with remainders
• Estimating Quotients
• Writing fractions as decimals
• Identifying decimals on the number line
• Comparing decimals
• Understanding exponents

Measurement and Geometry
• Finding area and perimeter
• Measuring angles
• Measuring area and volume
• Converting units of measure
• Understanding parallel and perpendicular lines, and symmetry
• Identifying shapes

• Developing fluency with addition and subtraction of fractions
• Dividing unit fractions by whole numbers, and whole numbers by unit fractions
• Comparing fractions
• Multiplying fractions
• Equivalent fractions
• Multiplication of fractions

Money and Time
• Counting money
• Telling time and measuring elapsed time
• Using standard units of length and measurement, and estimating length
• Understanding picture and bar graphs; line plots
• Identifying, classifying, and analyzing two-dimensional geometric shapes

COVID-19 Alert

• We are meeting in-person as well as online with students.
• Face masks are worn by students and staff at all times.
• Students and staff wash and sanitize hands at the beginning and end of sessions.
• Spaces and supplies are sanitized between uses.
• Social distance maintained as much as possible at all times.

key Facts

• Accurately assess the current and changing needs of each student
• Focus on teaching the learning “process” as much as “content”
• Develop independent and individualized study habits
• Motivate each student to reach their highest potential
• Foster self-reliance and confidence

Grade(S) k-5 | 6-8
Tutoring Price $65 | $90 Hourly
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